About us

We are a family-owned company that produces wooden packaging, which is mainly used in the food industry.

Our product range includes:

– wooden trays with paper filling Type: A, B, C, D- they can be used as packaging

unit, bulk, and can also be subjected to further thermal processing at both high and low temperatures.

We offer a variety of shapes, sizes and filling in the form of Silidor paper or paper reinforced with a layer of aluminum

– ORIGAM’S paper trays – for raw or finished products, e.g. in the form of slices and in the form of resealable trays.

– baskets with paper filling type H – are used as a mold for heating or baking products and as packaging for raw products without further processing

– cases Type ED – very representative packaging for spirits, cosmetics and other products

– Type E tubes – as packaging for alcohols

– toothpicks – used for tasting appetizers and other products and as sticks for coating e.g. with chocolate

We are a packaging manufacturer that places great emphasis on environmental protection and ecology.

That is why we do not use plastic, and our products are certified for safety use in contact with food, and are biodegradable.

We are constantly looking for new solutions and expanding our offer, because we adapt to the needs of the market and each customer.